This is SPARTA !!!

Are You Guys From “Sparta”? Who Are You?

Our team consist of a group of game lovers from different ages, all of whom belong to the Generation Y. For years, video games have been the middle point of our members residing in Izmir and operating in different professions such as literature, engineering, geology and electronics. Some of us have career backgrounds going back to times when the games were on floppy.

Was It Really Necessary To Start A Website Like This?

No, it was not. On this platform that no one reads, we wanted to get gamers like you together with the games impress us or we enjoy the most.

Were You Planning To Quit Your Jobs For A Comfortable Life While Starting This Website?

Our goal is not just to introduce new games and drown you in copies of "Battle Royale" but rather, include the games we believe overlooked, under-appreciated or relatively old games here.

What Type Of Games Do You Play On Which Platform?

We play whatever we want to play from Indie to Triple-A or Multiplayer to RPG and FPS mainly on PC and PS4 platforms. It is enough for us to like it or to find it attractive.